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April 26-28, 2024

Word of South

Chuck Cannon

Chuck Cannon says he:

  • was born in greenville, sc
  • moved to north sc
  • moved to myrtle beach, sc
  • picked up baseball
  • found girls
  • put baseball down
  • picked up guitar
  • found girls who were more fun
  • moved to franklin springs, ga
  • moved to nashville, tn
  • picked up songwriting
  • married wrong girl
  • laid down songwriting
  • divorced wrong girl
  • picked up songwriting again
  • married right girl
  • had 3 awesome kids
  • wrote hits with over 25 million plays at radio
  • quit trying to do that again
  • started making up songs for myself
  • songs got way better
  • made 4 cds
  • started performing way better songs
  • feels better now

Chuck will be doing two shows at Word of South, the first with the author Michael Farris Smith, and the second on his own.