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April 4-6, 2025

Word of South

Frank Lindamood

Frank Lindamood has been playing Old Time American Music for over fifty years.

His love for music was passed down from his father, a native of the mountains of West Virginia. His weapons of choice are the banjo,, harmonica and resonator guitar. He sings with great volume and little subtlety.

Frank’s influences, besides his father, are as old as the music itself—Samantha Bumgardner, Roscoe Holcomb, John Hurt and Skip James, to name just a few. He has of late been trying to write new material on the great themes of Life, Love and Death, involving events and figures mythological, historical and personal, including takes of Adam and Jesus, Persephone and Prometheus, Beethoven and Gamble Rogers, among others.

He is a retired carpenter and stagehand who helped raise three sons by the bad example method and now has three grandchildren and seven step-grandchildren, and is proud of them all. Frank lives in Sopchoppy in a homemade cabin in some old turpentine woods. He’ll be appearing at Word of South with the musicians Lis and Lon Williamson.